River Conditions

Updated On: Thursday, April 26, 2018
River Level: Too Damn High
The River Level Is: Rising
River Temperature: 54 degrees (hypothermia alert)
Clarity: Muddy
For today the river level has once again surged into our "Too Damn High" range, so we will not be putting anyone on the river today. Moderate rainfall across the Valley the past couple of days has boosted the river level more than we expected. More moderate rainfall is forecast again for tomorrow, so it is likely the river will remain in our "Too Damn High" range through the weekend. DOWNRIVER CANOE COMPANY is open every day, seven days a week. Our hours for April are 9 to 5 weekdays, and 8 to 6 weekends. Remember this time of year it's always a good idea to wear your PFD (lifejacket) the whole time you're out there on the river (threat of hypothermia still). For clothing try to wear polyester, wool, nylon, or silk (but stay away from cotton which absorbs and holds water). Prices this year are the same as last year. It's still a little early for fishing, but experienced anglers have been seeing some spotty action. Early season is always a good time for big fish, but now that the river is muddy again fishing will continue to be poor. Early spring has been a challenge this year. We hope you can join us soon.

Be advised river conditions can change rapidly with sudden storms or heavy rain in the upper watershed. Also, water temperature can vary up to 6 degrees or more in a single day.

To find out more detail about current conditions
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River Level Descriptions


No canoes will be rented when the river is too damn high, no exceptions.


River is swift and powerful, use extra caution at Compton Rapid and the Low Water Bridge. Small rapids smoothed over. Keep those lifevests zipped up.


The ideal canoeing level. Lots of small rapids to play in.


Canoe will bump and scrape some, but canoeists should not have to step out of their canoes. Trips take longer.


Shorten up your trip. Canoeist will have to step out of their canoes from time to time, but even at this level the river can still be quite enjoyable if you take your time.

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