Current Conditions

Current Conditions for South Fork Shenandoah River

Updated For:Sunday June 26, 2022
River Level:Normal/Low
The River Level Is:Falling Slowly
River Temperature:77 degrees
Clarity:Light Stain

Open every day, seven days a week from April 1st thru October 31st.

Vicious storms across the Valley last Wednesday evening muddied up the river temporarily, but today the clarity is much improved. The storms were less severe in our upper watershed, so the river level has settled in the lower part of our “Normal” range, a great level for late June.

We will be operating normally through the weekend.

Weather for today looks sunny and warm this morning, but with a good chance of a thunderstorm developing by mid afternoon.

Please note, we have plenty of equipment (rafts, canoes, kayaks, tubes) available for this weekend, so a last minute river trip is possible.

Fishing this past week has been strong, and should remain so as the water clarity continues to improve.

A final reminder: it is important that you WEAR YOUR PFD when out on the river, especially if you can’t swim, the water is high or cold, and especially at Compton Rapid, you never know……

Be advised river conditions can change rapidly with sudden storms or heavy rain in the upper watershed. Also, water temperature can vary up to 8 degrees or more in a single day.

To find out more detail about current conditions
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Over 5.5 feet – Too Damn High (risky)

4.0 to 5.5 feet – High (pushy)

2.6 to 4.0 feet – Normal (ideal)

2.15 to 2.6 feet – Low (slower)

Below 2.15 feet – Very Low (bumpy)


No equipment will be rented when the river is too damn high, no exceptions.

River is swift and powerful, use extra caution at Compton Rapid, and stay in the main channel. Small rapids smoothed over. Keep those lifevests zipped up.

The ideal canoeing level. Lots of small rapids to play in.

Canoes will bump and scrape occasionally, and trips take a little longer. But the water is always beautifully clear.

Shorten up your trip. Canoeist will have to step out of their canoes from time to time, but even at this level the river can still be quite enjoyable if you take your time.