River Trips

Adventures on the Shenandoah River

River trips are not guided. After signing up for the river trip of your choice we will go over basic safety procedures, review your river trip with you, and provide basic paddling instructions for novice paddlers. The majority of our river trips start up river and float back to our base, so take your time and finish at your leisure. We do not have set departure times either, we run on your schedule. (If you arrive by 2 pm during the week and 3 pm on weekends, then you should still have time to enjoy one of our shorter floats.)

So, when you’re ready, you will be transported to the launch site of your trip and cast forth upon the waters. Please note: the time indicated for each river trip is the approximate time at a steady but leisurely pace under normal river conditions. If you are fishing, just floating, or the river is low then trips will of course take longer. We find it’s better to go a little too short than a little too far, so try not to be overly ambitious when selecting the length of your float.

Canoes and kayaks are almost twice as fast as rafts, and rafts are swifter than tubes. Consequently, suggested raft routes are shorter. Also, the tube float is normally fixed at 3 miles taking about 3 hours. Last departure for tubing on weekends is 3:00 pm. M-F last tube departure is at 2:00pm. All floats finish back at our base unless otherwise indicated.