Organizing a Group

Organizing a Group

Whether you are organizing a group from work, a youth group, scouts, or simply bringing family and friends, there are certain steps you can follow to make your planning easier, more fun, and less stressful.

  1. Call ahead for reservations to set aside the equipment you think you will need. Please make your estimate as accurate as possible.
  2. Although we no longer require advance deposits to hold your reservation, it isn’t a bad idea to collect deposits from your group members to help solidify your numbers. Also, we do require groups to pay as a group to receive quantity discounts, so obviously somebody has to take charge and organize your group. This saves a lot of time and reduces confusion on the day of your trip. We know the burdens and challenges of being a group leader, and we strive to be helpful and understanding.
  3. Inform your participants of the plans for your group and refer them to our web site to answer any questions including our “what to bring” page.
  4. Keep us posted on any major changes to your group size or needs. We understand your group numbers will constantly change, we simply ask you to keep us posted on any major changes, especially last minute changes. We are eager to work with you to make your job as organizer easier.
  5. Check our web site three days prior to your adventure to ascertain river level and weather forecasts. Phone in any last minute changes to us and confirm your arrival time.
  6. Make sure everyone in your group has directions (available off our web site) and an agenda. Collect everyone’s balance due so one payment may be made for your group as opposed to everyone paying separately upon arrival (this saves a lot of time and will qualify your group for your quantity discount).
  7. Every individual must sign our release form (which may be downloaded from our web site). Save time by having this completed prior to your arrival. Any child (under the age of 18) must have our release signed by a parent or guardian.
  8. Upon arrival at Downriver Canoe Company assemble your group at one of our assembly points. Then you, as the leader, come inside with your group release forms and payment. We take it from there.


10% off for groups of twenty or more, that pay with one-payment 

20% off for Scout Troops, church youth & school groups on official outings