Downriver Canoe Company – Raft Trips

Raft trips are not guided. You will be given a thorough river orientation and issued a detailed map of the river. Basic paddling instruction will be readily provided for novice paddlers. You will then be transported to the launch site of your trip and cast forth upon the waters.

Please note, the time indicated for each trip represents the length of time it takes the average raft to paddle that section of river in a steady, but leisurely way at normal river level. If you are fishing, just floating, or the river level is low, trips will take longer. Remember also, rafts are significantly slower than canoes or kayaks (and swifter than float tubes). You may take as long as you like (within a calendar day of course). All trips end at Downriver Canoe Company’s base unless otherwise indicated. Raft prices are determined by raft size and are the same regardless of trip taken. Two-day trips are simply the single day rate doubled.

Canoes and kayaks are almost twice as fast as rafts, and rafts are swifter than tubes. Consequently, suggested raft routes are shorter. Also, the tube float is normally fixed at 3 miles taking about 3 hours. All floats finish back at our base unless otherwise indicated.




SMALL RAFT – 9ft – capacity 3 adults * $89 per raft
MEDIUM RAFT – 11.5ft – capacity 4 adults * $115 per raft
LARGE RAFT – 13ft – capacity 6 adults * $160 per raft
* (for raft capacity, 2 children under 90 lbs = 1 adult)

Suggested Raft Floats

TRIP #1 HAZARD MILL TRIP — 3 miles, about 1.5 + hours paddle time leisurely paddling a raft
This is a very easy introductory float with just some small riffles, very relaxing. This section of river also serves as our main tubing section, so a combination of rafts and tubes works well. We do not recommend this section for rafts when the river is very low.

TRIP #3 BURNERS BOTTOM TRIP — 7.5 miles, about 4.5 + hours paddle time leisurely paddling a raft
This is a wonderful section of river, great scenery and a little more white water. Most of this section is permanently protected from development and remains truly wild and scenic. A good day float for a raft.

TRIP #4 SEEKFORDS LANDING TRIP — 12 miles, normally about 6 hours paddle time for a raft
This is a great trip which includes the thrill of Compton Rapid, but it is a long paddle in a raft, especially if the river is low at all.

IDEAL RAFT FLOAT (BURNERS TO HAZARD) — 4.5 miles, about 3 hours paddle time leisurely paddling a raft.
This is easily our best raft trip. It’s the most scenic section with the deepest water (remember, rafts do not do well in shallow water). This trip is the logical choice in low water. Requires a timed pick up at Hazard Mill, bring your cell phone.

Rafting Tips

Rafts function best on this river at higher water levels, they are a bit clumsy in low water (canoes and kayaks do better in low water). Rafts provide a very stable platform, so they’re ideal for families with minimal river running experience and also families with small children (our minimum age is 5 years).


To receive quantity discounts, tube groups must pay as a group, not individually. 10 percent discounts for groups of 20 or more for any activity on any day. 20 percent discounts for any activity on any day regardless of group size for:
–Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops on official troop outings
–Church youth groups in which at least half the participants are under age 18
–School groups participating in sanctioned school events
–Active military (we deeply appreciate your service)
Bring your group to the Shenandoah Valley and enjoy our river!

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