Shenandoah River

someone spots a black bear among the fauna along the river Downriver Canoe Company Shenandoah Valley River


“…Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River”, thank you John Denver for appreciating the magnificence of this storied river and the valley through which it flows.  Located just an hour’s drive from the traffic choked beltway around Washington DC, the Shenandoah Valley is an oasis of small towns and open farm fields bordered east and west by… Read more »

a scenic look at the calm river Downriver Canoe Company Shenandoah Valley River

PLATOON – A Big “Oopsy”

Plan your float!  Know where to start, where to finish, and what’s in-between.  And don’t make assumptions.  This is why you use a professional outfitter isn’t it?  That’s our job, to plan your float and inform you of what to expect.  What can possibly go wrong? So I was leaving work one Tuesday evening.  All… Read more »

serene view of river and tent on enbankment Downriver Canoe Company Shenandoah Valley River


The first European settlers came into the Shenandoah Valley almost 300 years ago following the river south from Pennsylvania and establishing the first settlements near Luray and Staunton in 1727.  But first, let’s talk about the Indians who settled in the Valley over 11,000 years ago and were in such harmony with their environment there… Read more »